After making Space Quest IV, Mark Crowe and Scott went on a brief hiatus making only occasional appearances (in order to supplement meager game designer incomes). They were in demand at supermarket grand openings and pre-school birthday parties before they split up to work on separate projects.

It later was learned that he was infact Homo Sapiens. Far from being the witty extraterrestrial from far off Andromeda, Crowe was a mere human, a craven, carbon-based charlatan from the cesspool of the universe: Earth. He was from then on known as the 'One Phoney from Andromeda'.[1] Mark Crowe was exposed and forced to come out of the closet by Galactic Inquirer. Since that point in time he went on to make Space Quest V solo, and there are rumors of him trying to impersonate a StarCon officer.

Behind the scenesEdit

Based on Mark Crowe (developer).


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