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Professor Lloyd (aka Loydd) was one of the lead designers of the Xenon Super Computer Project.



The emblems displayed on Lloyd's uniform showed he was a follower of one of the software shamanism cults.

An apparently level-headed individual, he highly disapproved of his colleagues when they so eagerly moved to load a copy of Leisure Suit Larry 4 onto the computer during the events leading up to Space Quest 12. Apparently Sludge Vohaul had backed up his consciousness onto the game's floppy, which, when installed onto the computer, infected it and took control of Xenon's weather and environmental systems, causing massive damage and enslavement.

When he recorded his message, he had finished the last of his food three days before, his water ran out the morning he recorded his message. He had no choice but to enter the sewers and hope to avoid the prowling slimes. Death was certain for him, and all life as humans knew it.

Lloyd is presumed to be dead by the time of SQ12, but had enough foresight during the attack of the Vohaul virus to plan for his demise and the arrival of any potential individual who might come to save his planet. To this end he created a holographic version of himself, which he hid in a sewer under the streets of Xenon.

Game Involvement[]

While visiting Xenon in Space Quest 4 (or Space Quest 12, depending on your point of view), Roger Wilco stumbled upon Professor Lloyd's secret lair and activated the hidden hologram. The hologram informed Roger of the grand aspirations for the Super Computer project, and the troubles that befell it when the research team found and installed the infected copy of Leisure Suit Larry 4. This hologram was instrumental to Roger in his quest to save Xenon and his son.

Behind the scenes[]

This may be a stretch, but given the time travel theme of SQ4, it is possible that Professor Lloyd is a reference to the comic actor Christopher Lloyd. Christopher Lloyd played Dr. Emmett Brown in the “Back to the Future” movies. The hologram Lloyd is also a reference to the Leia hologram directed to Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars: A New Hope

A 16-color hires cutscene of Lloyd appears in Planet Pinball: Level I (see namebox).

There was an unused talking animation in the files. The talking animation was reused for the fan-made game Space Quest IV.5, as a stand-in for the game's creator alongside his own voice.


Professor Lloyd's talking animation (256 color VGA), as found in the resources of the Space Quest IV CD version. It is unused in the game.


"Data entry 22795. This message is to whomever may be so fortunate as to find it. I am Professor Lloyd, a lead designer of the Xenon Super Computer Project - the ultimate in artificial intelligence."

"The computer was designed to enhance our lives, but instead, ended up being the ruin of us all."

"We made the mistake of tying it into the most important facets of our existence here on Xenon, including our weather control and defense systems."

"It seemed like a sound idea at the time, and all proceeded well for about 3 years."

"It was around then that a deep-space salvage operation recovered what appeared to be some sort of antiquated data-storage unit contained in a flimsy cardboard box, on which the words "Leisure Suit Larry" were imprinted."

"On its back was the picture of a not-particularly-wholesome gentleman, but that's another story."

"My counterparts exhibited shameful behavior as they tore open the box to get at its contents. I could not understand the commotion it generated. The data was uploaded into the Super Computer for analysis."

"As a result, a crippling virus spread through the machine like a bad social disease. All control of the computer was lost."

"All screens went blank, then these words were displayed by the monitors and uttered by the vocal outputs: 'Wilco Must Pay!'"

"From that day forth, the possessed computer waged war on the inhabitants of Xenon, using our own weapons against us. Some managed to escape to other planets."

"Those of us who remained stayed to fight the machines and robots under its control. It was a bloody war. Those of us that were not killed were taken captive and... modified."

"These cyborgs infiltrated the loyal ranks of the resistance, rooting out almost all of our hiding places, and exposing us to the mechanical menace. Some of these poor souls still wander the streets."

"As of this recording, we are down to only a handful of rebels. My health is deteriorating rapidly. To make matters worse, I've just learned that the computer has unraveled the mysteries of time travel."

"I've sent my two best men to attempt to steal this new technology. If you are not a machine, then perhaps they were successful. Please realize: You are Xenon's last hope."

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