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The Latex Babes are beautiful, but potentially deadly human and humanoid women who reside on Estros.

Background Edit

From Roger Wilco's perspective he first encountered the Latex Babes for the "first time" paradoxically in SQ10 era, however, from the Latex Babes perspective they first encountered each other at some point between Space Quest V and Space Quest 6 (according to databases on board the DeepShip 86). It is said that that Roger left one of them at the altar in a future game, and they never forget a grudge, Roger first met them between SQV and SQ6, and then the attempted wedding apparently occurred later between SQ6 and SQ10 (possibly in SQ9).[1]

After stealing a timepod and escaping from the Space Quest 12 era during the Space Quest 4 game, Roger ended up on Estros in the SQ10 era. There he was accosted by the Latex Babes. Zondra was extremely angry at Roger for supposedly running out on her. (The SQ4 era Roger, of course, was completely baffled by this, since at that point he had never encountered the Babes before).

The Babes attempted to torture Roger back at their fortress, but were interrupted by a sea slug attack, which Roger defeated. The Babes were so grateful that they went to the Galaxy Galleria to celebrate and took Roger with them.


They seem to be fond of shopping, and have been known to frequent the Galaxy Galleria. Their main residence seems to be in a secret underground (and underwater) hideout, which is seen in the Space Quest 10 time period. It provides security for their nefarious deeds, as well as having a chair designed for torture. Their leader is a woman named Zondra.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Latex is a type of material used in clothing.
  • "Estros" is a play on Estrus and estrogen.
  • Their name is a play off of the game "Leather Goddesses of Phobos."
  • In the game its not clear why Zondra is angry at Roger, the hintbook claims that Roger left her at the alter in a future game[2]. It is further expanded upon in SQ6 (suggesting that Roger was two-timing Zondra, and apparently Beetrice at some point between SQ5 and SQ6), and is somewhat in the Space Quest Companion..

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ComPost Database Entry Edit

Latex Babes

These natives of the planet Estros are usually nubile humanoid females, although the occasional wily, stringy male is not unheard of (and are peripherally necessary for the propagation of the species).

Turn-ons include constructing the finest underwater craft in the galaxy, arc-welding, and shopping; turn-offs are Estrosian Sea Slugs, plaque build-up above the gum line, and two-timing janitors.

Favorite foods are Eelwort Sashimi (Replicator #8771877) and roasted drymouth Gourami (Replicator #2712090).

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