Gender: Male
Species: Labion Terror Beast
Profession and/or purpose:

Terror and drilling through rocks

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Backstory Edit

The Labion Terror Beast is an animal native to the forests of Labion. It is known as a voracious eater, consuming almost everything it can get its hands on. This includes animals, rock, and hapless adventurers.

As fearsome as the Labion Terror Beast is, it is immensely curious and easily distracted. Female Labion Terror Beasts appear to use high pitched sounds while searching for a mate. Such mating calls can summon a male through solid rock.

Game Involvement Edit

While trapped on Labion in Space Quest 2, Roger found himself confronted by a Labion Terror Beast, probably because he'd just blown a Labion Terror Beast Mating Whistle. Quick thinking (or a flash of Roger's dumb luck) prompted him to toss the beast a Cubix Rube puzzle, thereby saving his own life. Alternate accounts suggest Roger wasn't so bright or lucky and was unceremoniously sliced like with a Murphco Slice-O-Matic.

In SQ3, the terminator refers to the creature as the Labionion Terror Beast.

ComPost Database Entry Edit

Labion Terror Beast

The Terror Beast is aptly named, since it spends most of its life in terror. Although the Terror Beast could easily defeat a humanoid, it usually avoids conflict unless faced with a particularly wimpy opponent.

Most of its time is spent keeping to itself, avoiding public appearances and banquets. Its preferred diet is composed mainly of the roots of the Starshock bush (Replicator #6422803).

Terror Beasts are born with extremely powerful leg muscles. However, one leg is shorter than the other, so the beast tends to spin in a tight circle as it zooms across the Labion landscape.

This creates a whirlwind effect that can prove particularly hazardous to trailer parks.

A highly intelligent creature, the beast enjoys figuring out small puzzles, and will often stop in the middle of a hunt to solve a matchstick puzzle, logic problem or riddle.

Curiosly, though, the Beast hates arcade sequences.

References Edit

The spinning movement of the Labion Terror Beast is a direct reference to the Tasmanian Devil (or "Taz") as seen in Warner Brother's Loony Toons. The Infamous Games remake for SQ2 alludes to this by having the death options screen say, "Th-th-that's all, folks!