Labion is an insignificant jungle planet in a star system light years away from Earnon system.

Background Edit

Forested planet, full of indigenous wildlife, including Pinkunz, predatorial monsters such as the primitive Labion Hunter species, Cave Squids, Root Monsters, Swamp Slurpies, Killer Cave Beavers, Terror Beasts, and other more unidentifiable flora and fauna. The planet is orbited by a cloud of asteroids, once employed by Vohaul in his door-to-door salesmen scheme.

There are no signs of an indigenous civilized culture (aside from Vohaul's presence there), yet there are mailboxes posted conveniently around the planet (though these may be in use by the Apeoids).

This was the location of Vohaul's radioactive guano mines.

A small asteroid once revolved around the planet. There is apparently a nearby Monolith Burger.


Behind the scenesEdit

The Labion system is most likely located in the Earnon galaxy.

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