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King's Quest XXXXVIII - Quest for Disk Space from Sierra is available for 61 buckazoids from Software Excess. The 48th game in the King's Quest series.

Back of Box[edit | edit source]

Presenting the latest in the award-winning King's Quest series, from the still-active mind of aging Roberta Williams III, latest in the award-winning Roberta Williams series. What happens when Old Man Graham and his family are kicked out of Daventry Condo Association? You'll meet the Fabulous Bernoulli Brothers, Prof. C.D. Romberg, and of course, Rumplestiltskim! Over 12 Gigabytes in length!

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • In the supercomputer is  another King's Quest named King's Quest XLIII (King's Quest 43). Interestingly, this 'other' game can be deleted from Vohaul's computer When deleted, it will significantly free up space (although far more data than 12 gigabytes).
  • Gigabytes do not measure length, but rather the amount of space needed for the software (in other words, the size of the program).

This is a parody of the ever increasing file sizes of the King's Quest Series of games that Sierra was also producing. At the time, 12 gigabytes was extremely large for a computer game. Today 12GB may even be below average, and of course diskettes are no longer used. In recent years there have been a number of games reaching well beyond 12 gig mark (Assassin's Creed 4 for, example is about 30 gigs and Titanfall at almost 50 gigs).

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