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The Command Center / Captain's Chair is where Commander Kielbasa commands the SCS Deepship 86 from. It also conveniently doubles as a scratching post.

With the controls on top of the Command Center, the commander can override navigational subsystems, access shipwide computer functions, perform sensor sweeps, and get to Level Six of "Super Nunzio World."

Furthermore, with the controls on the bottom, he can adjust the elevation, tilt, rotation and firmness level of the command center. And if you put in a quarter, it'll massage 320 different acupressure points!

The command center responds to Kielbasa's vocal commands only. Roger Wilco once tested that theory by ordering it to "Rotate 60 degrees! Tilt forward 22 degrees! Hard to starboard! Evasive maneuvers!". The chair didn't respond.

In the SQ6 Demo, the command center was also equipped with an electrical outlet (as can be seen here), but it was removed by the events taking place in the full game (as can be seen on the image above).


The middle part of the control panel looks similar to the Gravis Gamepad and the Super Nintendo controller.