Keronian Plant ("original version")

The Keronian Plant is one of the few weeds that is hardy enough to live on the desert planet of Kerona (original version). The plant grows near the Desert Cliffs a series of mesas and plateaus in the middle of the Keronian Desert.


It looks like a spinach. The plant is a food source for the natives of Kerona, although newcomers to the planet find it tastes equisitely bad and say they would choose any form of death to eating this type of plant. The plant is said to taste worse than even Sarien onion stew.[1]A whiff of the plant is a regrettable experience. Aside from being eaten by the natives, there is no known use for these plants.

The plant is at least a source of nutrition, and will stave of weakness of starvation. That is if the one eating the plant is able to force it down without throwing up. But under any other circumstances it might be best trashing the weed.[2]

Various reports say that there is another form of native plant life that is very sticky, Polymoss Shrub (but only known evidence is that it exists in a Parallel universe version of Kerona).

According to the ComPost database, the replicator code for Keronian Plants is #2580969.


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