Keronian Ale


Advertisement from Space Piston Magazine

Unique brew of intoxicating beverage found only in the bars of Ulence Flats.

Game InvolvementEdit

Roger Wilco drank some Keronian Ale at the Bar while visiting Ulence Flats in Space Quest I.


Space Quest I AGI
LOOK  This is a vessel of that acrid-yet-buoyant Keronian Ale
DRINK The beer tastes like carbonated Zipple sweat. However, considering recent events, you could learn to love it.
Space Quest I SCI
LOOK Ummm! Keronian Ale!

Unused materialEdit

In Space Quest I AGI version, the beer was an inventory item. However, in Space Quest I SCI versions, Roger drinks it automatically and gives the glass back to the bartender in an animation, and you can never get it in your inventory. At one point though, it was an inventory item : the code of it is still present in the files. The graphic for it, View 561, doesn't exist anymore, but the cursor still exists. There is even text for it (see above).

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