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Kerona is an reddish desert planet located in the Outer Zone. Its exact location is unclear but it is implied to be located within the Earnon Galaxy (although other details may suggest it overlaps within the Andromeda Galaxy as well). Roger visited it during the Space Quest I: Roger Wilco in the Sarien Encounter (time sector). Kerona was changed into its present form by actions of Roger Wilco changing history during his travels through time, the earlier known Kerona(aka Ulence) was physically different world in the Space Quest I: The Sarien Encounter (original version) time sector.

Technical detailsEdit

The original Kerona was 3744.3 km in diameter, with a breathable atmosphere, an average air temperature of 40 degrees and a variety of indigenous life forms, although it's not clear if this is the case with the changed Kerona.[1]

Kerona has two moons. The planet is under development by Arrakis Corp.[2] There is one main settlement, Ulence Flats, which contains a variety of shops and is protected by forcefields to keep out the subterranean Grell.

The indigenous sentient beings of the planet are quite cleverly called Keronians. They keep largely to themselves in the smattering of small towns and outposts on the planet Kerona. Legends tell of a vast Keronian civilization beneath the planet's surface, but no outsider has ever reported seeing it.[3] They use sandskimmers to avoid the Grell.

Background Edit

During the events of Space Quest 1 VGA, Roger Wilco crash landed on Kerona in an escape pod after the destruction of the Arcada. Stranded in the desert, he had a run-in with a Sarien Spider Droid and an Orat. Soon after, he made a visit to a native Keronian city, and took a ride in a Sandskimmer he borrowed from them.

Roger also visited the outpost of Ulence Flats, won money on the Rocket Bar slot machine, purchased a Droid and was tricked into stealing a Drallion Cruiser by an alien named Tiny. In addition to this, Roger overheard vital information in the bar that led him to the location of the Sarien ship, Deltaur in Sector HH (or another sector).

Much later, in Space Quest 4, Roger returned to Ulence traveling back in time to the Space Quest I: The Sarien Encounter (original version) time sector[4] and revisited Ulence Flats. At first it seemed to appear as the Space Quest I: Roger Wilco in the Sarien Encounter (time sector) but changed before his eyes, the resolution was lost turning back to the AGI timeline.

His visit resulted in a run-in with the Monochrome Boys and the retrieval of a pack of matches from the Rocket Bar.

In the current time sector Kerona is a putrid shade of green, with reddish-orange sand. It was not always so, before Roger Wilco's meddling with time travel the sky was either clear and cosmic purple (or in some cases orange) and the sand was originally yellow.


Behind the scenesEdit

The planet Kerona is stated that civilization is "unknown" in the original SQ1AGI.[5] Later it is learned that it has only one known settlement (sort of stopover for various aliens around the Galaxy), which is Ulence Flats (the Keronian underground city is obviously not a "known settlement"). The remake appears to retcon the planet in more ways than one, when looking at the mountains in Ulence Flats (SCI Versions only), you're told about a place called "Yomammy National Park (a spoof on the Yosemite National Park, which lies in close proximity to the former Sierra Oakhurst building). Although a national park is not necessarily a "settlement". The Galactic Inquirer also mentions a town of Gurz Heights as being on Kerona as well. By SQ6 the Keronian cities are certainly known.

The sun of the world is called the Keronian sun in SQ1 remake and the Ulence sun in SQ4.

Although there are two references to Kerona in SQ4 (one on Xenon, and one in the Galaxy Galleria), strangly the narrator implies that the name of the planet in SQ1 is called "Ulence", I.E. "Ulence sun", and "far-off dunes of Ulence".

The Kerona of the The Adventures of Roger Wilco: The Sarien Encounter comics is a combination of the yellow original planet, with material from from remake game. It introduces even more places on the planet, although these areas or the events that take place in them are not not necessarily consistent with either game. Nor consistent with the version of events as told in the The Adventures of Roger Wilco in Space Piston: Vohaul's Revenge comic (though the former is likely largely inspired by the latter).


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