Josh Mandel is the Third Guy from Andromeda for his work on Space Quest 6.


Josh Mandel

What he did for Space Quest

  • Josh Mandel wrote the in-game hint book and the bargain bin items of the Software Excess store.
  • Contributing Writer for Space Quest 4 and its manual
  • Voice Actor for Space Quest 4
  • Contributing Writer for the Space Quest 5 manual
  • Designer / Writer / Manual Writer for Space Quest 6
  • Writer for the Space Quest 7 fangame


Character Sketch of Josh Mandel

Josh started at Sierra On-Line in 1990 as an assistant producer, his first project being the SCI remake of King's Quest 1. But he preferred to spend his time writing sarcastic texts for any designer who'd let him. Unkowingly for many Space Quest fans, Josh Mandel did a huge amount of "behing the scenes" work for the Space Quest Series as contributing writer. Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe gave him his first opportunity by allowing him to write the parody software boxes and bogus hint book for Space Quest 4. He was, in fact, working on a design for Space Quest 5 for a short period of time. But that before Mark Crowe was allocated to the project. Besides the Space Quest Series, he has been a contributing writer on most Sierra adventures, as well as director, writer and co-designer of Freddy Pharkas, Frontier Pharmacist.

Josh Mandel set out to design Space Quest 6, but just as the project neared completion, Josh had to leave the project. Scott Murphy did the rest. Space Quest 6 was market as a 'Scott Murphy solo job'. But in fact Josh had designed the whole game. Scott: "I want to publicly apologize to Josh for this. It was a difficult situation for both of us. The 'solo job' thing I honestly had no clue about until I got my packaged copy of the game. Anyway, Josh did get screwed over and I hope he accepts my too-late apology for any part I may have played. I made a mistake I'm not proud of."

Current status

Josh Mandel was working on the Space Quest 7 fangame before it was shut down. He's webmaster of his family site (being quite the family guy these days), located at

Titles[edit | edit source]

  • Third Guy from Andromeda
  • One Guy from Chicago
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