The Two Guys encased in Jello

Jello is a variously-colored (only seen in Space Quest as green, the flavor in this case probably being lime or possibly green apple) fruit-flavored dessert, which can also be used as a means of restraint.

Use in GamesEdit

Jello guns were used by Elmo Pug's henchmen on the moon of Pestulon to trap intruders and non-compliant employees of Elmo's software company, ScumSoft. The Two Guys were imprisoned in Jello because they were found to have hidden a secret message within their game Astro Chicken. Roger Wilco answered the distress call and was able to free the Two Guys by using a Trash Vaporizer to disintegrate the Jello. If Roger is not careful around ScumSoft, he could find himself trapped in a block of jello.