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The Grell

The Grell is a second species of Grell encountered in the Space Quest I: Roger Wilco in the Sarien Encounter (time sector)

Backstory Edit

Grell appears to be the given name for a specific individual reptilian sandworm on the planet Kerona by the Keronians. The name for the specific sandworm which lives near the gigundasaurus Doug-o-saurus remains and dunes between the settlement of Ulence Flats. It is feared both in the Keronian underground settlement and Ulence Flats.

These big guys pack a powerful appetite, the thing chomps right through a skeletal system painfully. Following a meal, the grell burps in solitary satisfaction. He doesn't often get nice, warm meals.

Grell and his like dwell in caves below the sand. If one stands on the surface too long they have a chance becoming a rare moist meal for him. Skimmers on Kerona hover approximately 1/2 meter above the traveling surface. This is very important because of Grell. The average Keronian appears to refer to its kind (and the previous original annelid kind) as the sandworms of Kerona.

After leaving his escape pod, Roger noticed the Grell burst out of the ground nearby, thinking it a volcano at first. After noticing it was a large sandworm, and it began chasing him, he ran to the nearby skeleton, and harder ground. He then heard the sandworm scream, and then joined by those of others. Lots of others. The many sandworms ended up crunching down on the escape pod he had previously been in, swallowing it, and belched.[1]

Physiology and TraitsEdit

The reptilian type of Grell are at least five meters long, and snakelike jaw with large teeth, and internal bones.[2] They have four eyes, blue armor-like plates, and scales, and a brown dorsal ridge on their back.

This is a reptilian species of large, subterranean sandworms inhabiting the deserts of Kerona. It waits for an unsuspecting victim to step on the land above so that it can strike and swallow it whole. It is for this reason sandskimmers are necessary for travel over Kerona's surface. The settlement of Ulence Flats is surrounded by forcefield generators. They repel undesirables such as the grell which thrive below the sands. The forcefields only will allow airborne vehicles in or out.

There appears to be at least two types of sandworm Grell depending on the time sector (see Grell (original version)). A third type appears to be extinct sentient race, possibly having its own ancient culture and technology, and artifacts, but these went extinct eons ago (this appears to be the extinct species also known as gigundasaurus). Perhaps the reptilian Grell evolved from these ancient Grell.

The change between annelid to reptilian sandworms appears to be a paradoxal side affect of the time travel by Roger Wilco or perhaps even deliberate interference with time by Sludge Vohaul as another of his petty revenge plots.

Products Harvested From or Named after GrellEdit

Grell lard is apparently extracted from the grell. Xenon Army Knives are said to blunt to cut through rancid grell lard.

Grellhair spaghetti is one of Steller Santiago's favorite foods. Roger is said to have once hung out in the sandy outback of Kerona, roasting grellburgers over a lit rocket nozzle. It's not exactly clear where Grellhair pasta comes from as Grell do not appear to have hair (its possible that the extinct variety did, but this is unknown). However being pasta, it is not necessarily made from Grellhair (just as Angelhair pasta is not made from angels), and is also likely replicated from the Restaurant Universe.

Game Involvement Edit

Thankfully, Roger Wilco never actually met a Grell (he did see one from a distance, that was chasing him from the ship to the desert cliffs), though it has been suggested that he was also warned of their presence by the native Keronians. An alternate theory suggests, however, that Roger was in fact devoured by one and died on the very spot.

Behind the scenesEdit

In SQ1EGA, it is stated that Grell is apparently the name of a singular being, a 'him'. It talks about him and his kind. This suggests that there is Grell and there is 'sandworm' species.[3] Much of this material is still maintined in SQ1VGA.

SQ6 suggests that is the name of its entire species (but this species appears to be oddly sentient, apparently having its own culture and even artifacts). It might actually be describing the Gigundasaurus.

The Space Quest companion suggests there are lots of them still around, but they are not much more than five meters long. They seem to exist in packs, and are not very bright.


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