She's green.

Gowitda Florence Qwerty ("Flo")was an Ugoid Communications Specialist, Grade 4.


Flo is a native of UglyStick IV.[1]

She was originally stationed on board the Phlegma where she didn't see eye to eye with the Male Swine on board. She transfered to become the Ops officer aboard the SCS Eureka. Where she may have seen to the demise of its previous captain. During the Pukoid incident she transferred with the rest of the Eureka crew to the SCS Goliath before the destruction of the Eureka.

Flo is a highly skilled and effective communications officer -- in the rare moments when the mood strikes her. She spends most of her time on the bridge reading glamour magazines and doing her nails. Flo has her own set of priorities and will not undertake any task she deems pointless or beneath her talents. Needless to say, this has led to a certain amount of friction with her superior officers in the past. Flo has a bit of difficulty maintaining long-term relationships with men, but it's not for lack of trying; her trail of ex-husbands stretches across the Galaxy.[2]

She has had at least 18 husbands. She had her eyes on making Roger her next conquest.


  • 1st husband (met on Lukaszuk II, she still has nightmares).
  • 4th husband (similar to the Captain, Self-important Male Swine, of the Phlegma)
  • 5th husband, Chaaka
  • 14th husband, Vlad
  • 18th husband (recently divorced, hasn't yet gotten over it)

Personality and traitsEdit

  • She likes doing it Rigellian style, once you have had green, you'll know what she means.
  • She was 40 something in SQ5.[3], and had served StarCon for decades.
  • She enjoys watching Bulbous and the Beautiful while Roger is away.
  • She would complain about several embarassing illnesses, such as a fungus on her big toe, or her rear pain she suffered once, her bunion, chipped nails, algae problem in her hair, a chia infection on her little toe and so on.
  • When she is excited she gets moosebumps (like goosbumps, but bigger)
  • When her corns start to itch, she feels trouble is coming.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the game it says she has recently separated from her 18th husband and is distraught. This would mean that she probably been married to Vlad "twice".

Flo's suggestion to Roger to do it "Rigellian style" may suggest that she is of the Rigellian race, or she's just into kinky mating styles.

The name Gowitda Flo from the Space Quest Companion, is a pun on the phrase, "Go with the flow". The name "Qwerty" comes from the QWERTY style keyboard layout, which is the list of the top row of letters under the left hand side of the keyboard.


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