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The Gippazoid Novelty Company (aka Jippezoid and Gippazoid Novelties) is a company located in the Exl Galaxy and Hohoho.


It has ties to Patrician Broadcasting. They distribute a variety of products such as slot machines and various mating whistles. They employ coercion (through robots), among other tactics, to ensure payment.

In Space Quest 1 they were the owners of the Slot Machine at the Rocket Bar at Ulence Flats.

In Space Quest 2 they were offering the chance to get a "free" Labion Terror Beast Mating Whistle. Roger Wilco sent off for one, but apparently did not read the small print (about the shipping costs). They also advertised various products they offered through the Space Piston: Vohaul's Revenge comics (demanding an additional 25 buckazoids per order). Whether it was postage and packaging, or some other thing, there was a charge. Unfortunately Roger didn't pay it.

In Space Quest 3, the Company want wilco for vending machine fraud (having destroyed one of their slot machines).[1] They also finally realised that Roger hadn't paid shipping on the Mating Whistle. Due to about a century of interest, he now owed 400,000 Buckazoids. The Company sent Arnoid The Annihilator out with orders to terminate Mr Wilco. Luckily, Roger managed to destroy the droid, however the Company were not going to let him off all that easily.

In Space Quest 5, the Company ordered another droid to terminate Roger where Arnoid had failed. WD40 was selected, however, now Captain Roger managed to defeat her, and she was reprogrammed by Cliffy.

Two droids may have failed, but it is not Company Policy to quit so easily. It is unlikely that we have seen the last of Gippazoid Novelty Company.


Contact Details[]

In the Space Quest I period, their address was:

Gippazoid Novelties,
2001 Odessa blastway,
Exl Galaxy.

By the time of Space Quest II, Gippazoid got bigger and had to relocate for more office space. Their new address was:

Jippazoid Novelty Co.

Plot Inconsistencies[]

Gippazoid was misspelt as Jippazoid in the Space Piston magazine

Roger is pursued by a bill collector from Gippazoid Novelty Company (Arnoid) on his viser (in backwards lettering) you can see that Gippazoid want Wilco for vending machine fraud, when he encounters Arnoid later, the terminator demands he pays for that Labion Terror Beast Mating Call Whistle he ordered back in Space Quest 2. However, if you examine the order form in Space Quest 2, it says the whistle is free. Though the SQ2 manual notes that to order things from 'Jippazoid' they demand 25 buckazoids per order to insure shipping. Scott Murphy blushes: "Mark and I both missed it. I hadn't a clue until I read it here. I don't think either of us thought that if you actually bought this game, you'd be looking that closely."