Artificial landscaping consumes most of the space in the Genetix dome.

Genetix Research Corporation Genetix is the genetic engineering research company which developed the Primordial Soup which led to the Pukoid incident. Its labs are in a space-based facility which has been landscaped to match a natural environment. Records show there has been some sly dealing with top StarCon officials. Their main research station is the Genetix Research Station. Roger explored the Genetix Envirodome 3. Genetix plays God, amd thus their motto is "We Play God, so you don't have to."




The company's name and logo are a spoof on Dynamix. The name is also a pun on the word, "genetics".

Behiund the scenesEdit

Here's something weird about Genetix. Fly into the lock and the Genetic Research Laboratory and check the security cams to see Cliffy and WD40 beam down. Now fly outside and talk to Cliffy. WD40 will fly off to do a perimeter check. If you fly back into the Lab, the monitors will show Cliffy and WD40 still standing at their landing site! Fly back out and go to the dumpster. Cliffy will follow you and let your "other self" out of the bin. Fly back to the Lab again and the monitors will still be showing the same thing even though neither Cliffy nor WD40 are on that screen anymore!