Gender: Male
Species: Human
Profession and/or purpose:

Space Quest Narrator

Games seen or mentioned in:

All of them

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Voice Actor(s):

Gary Owens

Gary Owens is the narrator[1]and an unseen individual from the Space Quest series of video games based on Roger Wilco's real-life adventures. In SQ6, the narrator says his name is Gary Owens.

Backstory Edit

He imparts words of wisdom, gives descriptions of various environments and items, and generally makes fun of Roger Wilco constantly. This tendency towards jabs at Roger reveals that the Gary Owens has a rather sarcastic sense of humor. He has even been known to mock Roger when he dies.

Generally Roger appears oblivious to this unseen entity, though on several occasions (mainly in Space Quest 6), Roger has been known to converse with the Narrator, and several other characters mention hearing something after a comment by the narrator. Surprisingly at one point Roger Wilco converses with Gary Owens during the credit, but Stellar doesn't hear the narrator, and thinks Roger is speaking to her. He quickly has to tell her he's mummering to himself.

The narrator is not mentioned in the journal disks Roger Wilco sent back to Sierra On-line which inspired each of the Space Quest Games. Roger Wilco does mention an Eternal Entity and a Nemesis which may be similar to the Narrator. Roger appears as his own narrator in the Official Guide to Roger Wilco's Space Adventures. In some cases the Two Guys from Andromeda take on the role of the narrator (usually in the case of Roger trying to "restart" or "quit" the game.)

Game Involvement Edit

The Narrator has been with Roger since day one, and it does not appear that he will be leaving any time soon. Given that Roger has talked with the Narrator, it must be wondered if the Narrator is a real galactic entity or simply a figment of Roger's imagination.

The narrator's identity as Gary Owens is not specifically revealed until Space Quest 6. Technically Gary Owens only appears as the narrator in SQ4 and SQ6. It's possible that the narrators in Space Quest I-III & V is someone else, as the narrators in those games are not actually heard.

In some instances it seems that the Two Guys from Andromeda take on the role of 'narrator' at times. There are a couple of references in the early games where it seems as if the narrator is talking and refers to Mark or Scott.[2] In the KQ1 remake, there is even a sequence where the Two Guys specifically show up to do a replay video for a death scene. It seems to be especially the case in SQ3, when the parser is referred to as the 'Andromedan dictionary', and this may have been the original intent for SQ4 as well (see floppy version), as the two guys show specifically when the player tries to quite the game.

Facts Edit

The Narrator is portrayed in the official Speech-enabled Space Quest games, Space Quest 4 and Space Quest 6, by Gary Owens.

Dialogue Edit

  • "Thank you for playing Space Quest. Too bad you've failed miserably and doomed all your people to a horrible death at the hands of the Sariens. If you continue playing as skillfully as this, we'll never have a chance for a sequel. Better luck next time." -SQ1EGA
  • "Way to go, wing nut! Once again you've demonstrated your inability to sustain life. You quickly glance about the room to see if anyone saw you blow it. Thank you for playing Space Quest II, Roger Wilco. You've been swell to watch. Have a nice day." -SQ2
  • "You are now dead. Thank you for playing Space Quest: The Lost Chapter. Better luck next time!" -SQ:TLC
  • "Congratulations On Your Recent Death! Thanks for playing Space Quest III. As usual, you've been a real hoot." -SQ3
  • "We're glad you could play Space Quest IV. As usual, you've been a real pantload." -SQ4
  • Dialogue with Roger cut from SQ6
    • Narrator: I've got to admit, it's interesting the way you've managed to accomplish some... things. I mean, I thought this gig was up sequels ago!
    • Roger: Yeah... thanks for the vote of confidence.
    • Narrator: No, really, I thought you'd bite the big one games ago! Even cost me a few buckazoids down at the Game Narrator's Guild.
    • Roger: You know, there are other narrators who wouldn't mind hooking up with this series.
    • Narrator: Touchy, eh? Well, anyways, I've got a contract! If I were you, I'd get back to playing Joe Spacehero so both our checks will cash!
    • Roger: Okay! I heard you!


  1. Gary Owens (SQ6): "Hello, I'm Gary Owens and I'll be your narrator today.", "Thank you for playing Space Quest 6. This is Gary Owens signing off."
  2. 35.message 36 "You're one twisted mofo. The only other person I know who would try that is Mark Crowe."
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