The Galaxy Galleria

The Galaxy Galleria Shopping Mall is a station-based mall.


It is frequented by women, men, and neuter alike. Transport around the mall is achieved via a pair of conveyor belts, designed to rest your weary legs and prevent you from going backwards. Various shops are located all around the perimeter of the mall, with the center being filled by a huge Skate-O-Rama rink. For those running low on Buckazoids, an Autobucks Teller Machine is provided.

Galaxy Galleria is located off the LarryLand exit of InterGalactic sub-space wormhole Route C=2πr.

Roger Wilco visited here with the Latex Babes during his visit to the Space Quest X time period.

Due to the confusing mechanics of time travel this station appears to have been built far into the future at some point between or after 3043 and 3079, or before or during the 24th century (2301-2400). However Roger states it didn't exist in his own era (around late 2800s to early 2900s before he travelled a century in Cold-Sleep after SQ2), nor does it appear to have existed at the time of SQ4 or SQ5 either (which had become his home time period by default), but he couldn't wait for it to be built. When Roger visited the station in SQX, it had been a week and a half after it was first built. By SQ6 it was built, and the local monolith was looking for employees.

So perhaps it has been built or existed in different eras depending on the parallel universe in which Roger was visiting the mall. It is however a major destination and stopover for time travelers, and is routinely advertised in the later issues of Space Piston Magazine.

Stores in the Galleria Edit

Behind the scenesEdit

The Space Quest Companion gets by the 24th century issue, by stating that 'because the electronic store's selection is so large, by the time the products are listed they are already obsolete. Hence its already obsolete 24th century models, and need to update for the later century products. They are trying to clear out the surplus of outdated products while they prepare for the update.

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