Fester Blatz, is a Hermanoid and is the last known Phleebhutinski in existence (at the time of SQ6).


He is a salesperson who will do anything for some quick cash. His original store, the World O' Wonders, was on the planet Phleebhut in the midst of its purple sands; however, he has now moved off his home planet and was last seen on Polysorbate LX. Fester is a collector and lives to collect everyday junk and and some far-and-few-between gems. He will try and get every buckazoid out of you for a piece of junk. Fester Blatz is featured in Space Quest 3 and Space Quest 6.

Fester 'Blats' is also referenced briefly in SQ5. In the StarCon Academy, one of the ships in the landing bay is for sale for 10000. The ship lists 1-555-GUD-KARS, and instructs you to ask for Fester Blats.

At some point in the distant future it would seem that he expanded creating Blatz ent., a division of the company was Hz. So Good.

Fester From Space Quest 3:

Festerblatz sq3

Fester From Space Quest 6:

Festerblatz sq6

Behind the scenesEdit

'Blatz' is a type of beer. An image of it can be found here

Roger Wilco gives Fester the nickname Festus in The Official Guide To Roger Wilco's Space Adventures.

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