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Base of Operations/Home Planet:

Ferbanginar (unconfirmed)

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Mentioned in the brig

Notable Members:

Red Bovine

The Ferbangi are a species in the Space Quest universe. Little is known about them, as they have only been mentioned in a story about Cell 106 at the brig aboard the DeepShip 86.

The story speaks about a permanent blood stain on the floor that came into being when Red Bovine, a Ferbangi slave trader, tried to escape by crawling out the porthole and immediately imploded. This incident has earned the cell the nickname "Red Blood Cell".

Behind the scenes[]

The name of the species is a play on the Ferengi from Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

However, with the only known Ferbangi being a slave trader, it's possible that they're similar to their greedy and capitalistic Star Trek counterparts in other areas as well. Therefore, it would also be logical to assume that their home planet would be called Ferbanginar, as a reference to Ferenginar. There is no confirmation for this, though.