Fan Fiction[edit | edit source]

This is a novelization of Space Quest I, is only published on Troels website, and thusly can't be found in any bookstores.

  • Lone Voyager, by Troels Pleimert

Roger Wilco and the crew of the SCS DeepShip 86 encounter an old Earth Voyager satellite with a deranged personality. Very Hitchhiker's-Guide-ish. Look for previews at Wilco's Domain, and upon release it will be published exclusively at the Domain.

  • Future's History, by Daniel Stacey

Details what happened to Roger Jr. and his rebel friends in the future of Space Quest XII. Written by Australian writer Daniel Stacey. Will be published exclusively at Wilco's Domain, and you should expect to see some previews soon.

  • Space Quest: The Time Machination, by Akril

This novel starts right where Space Quest XII left off, then takes a huge jump backwards in time. It centers around Beatrice Wankmeister and Roger Wilco Sr., chronicling their long and confusing journey back to where and when they belong. [1] }}

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