Estrosian Sea Slug

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The Sea Slug is a large semi-aquatic predator native to the planet of Estros. It resides in the planet's oceans and is suspected to nest in underwater caves. While undoubtedly capable of eating other aquatic animals, it prefers to prey on large land mammals.

Sea Slugs are of particular nuisance to the Latex Babes of Estros.

Game Involvement Edit

During Space Quest 4, Roger Wilco encountered one of these creatures while held captive by the Latex Babes of Estros. Quick thinking and an oxygen tank led Roger to victory over the Sea Slug, saving the Babes and himself in the process. Undoubtedly, had Roger failed, he'd have been eaten.

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ComPost Database Entry Edit

The multi-tentacled Sea Slug is a large, menacing carnivore with a squid-like beak. Its spectacular adaptive abilities and matchless ferocity ensure that it can easily survive for extended periods underwater, on land, or in space.

However, due to its numerous disgusting habits and unrestrained lifestyle, the Estrosian Sea Slug would not hold up for more than five minutes under the scrutiny of the liberal media.

Estrosian Sea Slugs eat all manner of creatures, particularly aquatic ones. Their favorite food, though, is the Latex Babe of Estros.

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