A picturesque view of the nature on Estros

Estros is a planet that Roger Wilco visited in the Space Quest 10 period.


Inhabited by the Latex Babes of Estros. Roger arrived there in a timepod, was captured by the aforementioned babes, later saved them from an Estrosian Sea Slug and left the planet when he was taken to the Galaxy Galleria for a shopping spree.

Estros appears also to be used as the name of the sun. It is simply described as the Estros sun or the sun of Estros.

Estros appears to be within the Earnon Galaxy although by the time of Space Quest IV era many simply call it the 'galaxy'. Documents certainly contain several references that which in context places Xenon and Estros within the same galaxy.


Behind the scenes Edit

  • The name "estros" comes from the word "estras" ("menopause") when women stop producing extra "estrogen" (see "State of Estros"). "Estrogen" is the hormones which produce females.
  • While in the pterodactyl nest, King Graham can be seen in the distance carried by the eagle in King's Quest V.


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