Gender: Male
Species: Human Clone
Profession and/or purpose:

Ex Software Company CEO (as of SQ6)

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Voice Actor(s):

Doug Boyd

Background Edit

Elmo Vohaul Pug[1] was the head of ScumSoft, a subsidiary of Vohaul Enterprises, an illicit software development company forming the front for the Pirates of Pestulon. Sludge Vohaul was his great-great-grand-clone. Among his crimes were capturing the Two Guys From Andromeda and forcing them to write bad software titles such as Astro Chicken. His great-great-grand-clone warned him about Roger Wilco[2], who ultimately foiled his and the Pirates of Pestulon's plans.

He was last seen on Polysorbate LX. Apparently, he has become an alcoholic whose company has fizzled out (due to its acquisition by Sierra Cosmos On-Line), and now makes a living trading cheat codes for cheap alcohol.

Game Involvement Edit

Elmo Pug and Roger butted heads in Space Quest 3 during an incident where Roger attempted to rescue the Two Guys From Andromeda from the clutches of ScumSoft. While Roger successfully infiltrated the ScumSoft headquarters, he was ultimately captured moments before freeing the Two Guys. As punishment, he was forced to engage Elmo Pug in a Nukem Dukem robot fight. In what appears to be an enormous underground arena, the two of them squared off. Roger won the fight and escaped with the Two Guys. Elmo, trapped inside his machine, ordered his pilots to man their ships and chase after the Alluminum Mallard. Roger successfully defeated all of the ships and escaped.

It's not known if he specifically took part with the Pirates of Pestulon during the Sarien invasion of Xenon which likely put the final nail in the company. It is unknown clearly just why exactly Elmo was booted from his position as head of Scumsoft. Some sources say that he wasn't himself after suffering a loss in front of his entire company. After a while, everyone began blaming him and his methods of game production and booted him off the moon.

Several games later, Roger encountered Elmo Pug again, rather down on his luck on Polysorbate LX. Roger bought a cheat code for Stooge Fighter 3 from him in exchange for cheap alcohol. Pug did not appear to hold any grudges for past events.

Based on the age given for Elmo Pug in SQ3 and references made in other sources (including the Popular Janitronics), Elmo Pug would have been at upward of 87 (although he doesn't look a day olver 40, so like Roger some time travel/time dilation/suspended animation may be involved)! He certainly looks as if decades have passed (he was only 14 in SQ3) and has grown into an middle-aged or older man (certainly of drinking age).

Personality and traitsEdit


  • Elmo V. Pug
  • St. Elmo
  • Elmer Fudd
  • Mughead

Dialogue Edit

"Security! There's some butt-head in here posing as the janitor!!"

"Do your job and get out!"


  • He appears to be a boy of about 14 years old in SQ3, infact Roger Wilco infiltrates Scumsoft on his 14th birthday.
  • Based on age given for Elmo Pug and references made in other sources (including the Popular Janitronics), Elmo Pug would have been at least 54 in SQ6!
  • Roger gives him the nicknames St. Elmo, Elmer Fudd, and Mughead.

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Behind the scenesEdit

The Space Question Companion ties Elmo Pug into the history of Sludge Vohaul. Although this is not clear from the game. The companion only received help from Mark Crowe, and even less from Scott Murphy.

The box for Space Quest III also appears to suggest that Vohaul's forces maybe tied into the Software pirates and Elmo Pug's organization. With the suggestion that the Vohaul's apeoids might actually be Pestulon space pirates in monkey suits.

The only other source that appears to tie the Pirates of Pestulon to the Vohaul's various attempts to rule the galaxy is Hoyle I.


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