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Ken Williams
Grandma and Grandpa Wilco (x-number of times removed)
Roger Wilco (female)
Peter Spear
Jeremy Spear
Mark Crowe

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Earth is the original home planet of Humans (aka Earthlings) from which many of the humanoids of the galaxy evolved.[1] Quite a few human races such as those on Xenon originates from Earth. The planet would later come to be known as Terra III (or 'old Earth') in Roger Wilco's time. Earth was also mentioned in the Galactic Inquirer and is the subject of much ridicule, being the "cesspool of the galaxy" as it is. In Roger's time Terra III is more or less become a polluted junk yard. It is examined by archaelogists.

Some believe Earth exists in a parallel universe, while others say it lies 'lightyears' from the Earnon galaxy.[2]

Locations on EarthEdit


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