Droids-B-Us (aka Droids B Us without the hyphens) is a galaxy wide store.


Droids B Us is a galaxy-wide chain that specializes in selling all kinds of mechanical life, and semi-life, forms. Droids B Us has made billions selling cute droids that don't talk back--cuddly stuffed toys and inflatable dolls for adults of all species and genders. They have been very successful.[1]

One Droids B Us franchise is located within the civilization of Ulence Flats on the planet of Kerona. It is located at the Five Fingered Discount Droid Mall within the town. Droids B Us still manages to fill its quota.

Roger Wilco visited here in order to purchase a navigation droid. Although he didn't have enough Buckazoids, he was lucky enough to have a valuable coupon worth 20% off.



In the original game, D-B-U was a browsable shop. In the remake it is only a selection-buying screen.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Droids-B-Us is a parody of Toys "R" Us, a major toy store chain. It was originally known as Droids R Us, but was changed after a lawsuit. Despite this, the remake features a picture of the Toys-R-Us mascot Geoffrey Giraffe and even has the Droids-R-Us logo written in balloon font similar to Toys-R-Us.


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