This article attempts to documents the differences between the AGI and SCI versions of Space Quest I.

The InterfaceEdit

AGI (Tandy/EGA) is a text based interface. However, the other EGA/VGA versions uses SCI1, which is a point-and-click interface.

Locations Edit

Ulence Flats Edit

  • Due to the new interface, it is now possible to talk to the characters in the bars.
  • Touching the force field multiple times is now lethal.


Slot MachineEdit

In the AGI version, the player must play the slot machine as a game of luck (except in later versions where typing "HOLY SHIT" at the slot machine screen will enable a cheat). In the SCI version, a magnet can be found on the Arcada, which can then be attached to the slot machine for a guaranteed win.

In both versions, getting three skulls results in the player being vaporized. In the AGI version, the raygun emerges from the machine; in the SCI version, it is externally mounted.

Graphical DifferencesEdit

Practically everything is in a graphically different style. Here are some of the major differences:

Roger WilcoEdit

In AGI , Roger has brown hair, and a white and gray uniform. However, in the SCI remake, they decided to model Roger after the latest version at that time - Space Quest IV - and therefore has blonde hair and a white and purple uniform.

The ArcadaEdit


The DeltaurEdit

In the AGI version, the Deltaur appears as a generic sci-fi star cruiser, whereas in the SCI version it looks like a giant insect.

Easter EggsEdit


In AGI , if Roger pushed the DO NOT PUSH button he ends up in The Daventry Zone, however in SCI he ends up at Nottingham Castle.

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