The Information Superhighway, also known as Cyberspace, was a much talked about, much hyped event. StarCon vessels were even fitted with Cyberspace ports. However, the executive and legislative branches seemed quite opposed to getting together on just about anything either one of them introduced. Cyberspace is therefore only partially built, and since funding was slashed, little more work has been done. StarCon has since made a subdirective disconnecting all StarCon vessels and offices from Cyberspace.



Cyberspace Construction Yard

Access to Cyberspace requires the use of a Cyberspace Jack. Since Cyberspace hasn't reached its expectations, these have become more like collector's items, and are hard to come by. Once connected, you will be taken into cyberspace. The cyberterrain is an arid desert, full of confusing roads, road signs, and even cybercacti. It takes a lot of patience to traverse, but eventually you reach the main construction site, and the temporary on-site supervisor's office. This is the only way in to the File Manager.

The Information Superhighway OfficeEdit


The Information Superhighway Office

The Office is controlled by a receptionist called Sis Inny, who rules the place like an iron maiden. As only one person can be called at a time, her main duty is to change the "now serving" number, and allow access to anyone holding that number. Unfortunately, that number never seems to come up, hence the two rotting bodies in the waiting chairs. The Office is decorated with a Window into the outside cyberterrain, and by the Accessories group. The Accessories group contains a Radio (which only plays one song), a Fan (which only works for a few seconds at a time), a Clock (broken), a Screen Savior (not yet implemented) and a Trash Can. Unfortunately, the Refreshments and Periodicals groups don't seem to be implemented yet either. If you ever do manage to gain access to the Files via the File Manager, there is also an OoohLets PukeHard Fusion 500 (a play on Hewlett Packard) Printer available for printing your files, which are not allowed to be removed from cyberspace.

As the office is an obvious parody of Windows 3.1, the name is also a reference to Microsoft Office. However, the trash can is a Mac O/S icon (Windows uses a recycle bin).

The File ManagerEdit


Cyberspace File Manager

Once finally inside the File Manager, you will not be surprised to find that most of the files will not open. Those ones that do open are probably out of reach, so you will have to climb in order to reach what you need. On his visit, Roger even stated that he could do a better job of the filing, so that should give you an idea of how bad it really is!

Each file is supposed to lead to the next. If the files are searched out of order, Gary will delete 200 points for "cheating".

Available FilesEdit

Rancid, NigelEdit

Nigel Rancid and his brother Singent are hired thugs. Most recently, the Rancid brothers have been employed by Dr. Hayden Beleauxs and Sharpei of the Golden Lightyears Retirement Community on Delta Burksilon V.

Cross Reference: Beleauxs, Sharpei, Santiago


A philanthropist of the first order, this benefactress of many good causes is known throughout the universe simply as "Sharpei". Sharpei's most recent project has been the Golden Lightyears Retirement Community on Delta Burksilon V, where she hopes to spend her declining years. Always thinking of others, this grand lady will leave a legacy of charitable works behind her when she goes.

Cross Reference: Beleauxs, Santiago


Corpsman Stellar Santiago was a member of the StarCon Fleet before her departure from this world while attempting to rescue a Janitor 2nd Class who was stationed aboard SCS DeepShip 86.

Cross Reference: Beleauxs, Sharpei


Dr. Hayden Beleauxs is the Chief Medical Administrator of the Golden Lightyears Retirement Community. He has gained much notoriety over his controversial efforts to mitigate the effects of - some say to altogether eliminate - aging.

Cross Reference: Sharpei, Santiago

Additional Cross Reference: Project Immortality

Project ImmortalityEdit

The Holy Grail of narcissists everywhere, Project: Immortality is the cold, hard scientific name applied to the cold, hard science that is the Fountain of Youth of our times. Project: Immortality is funded by Sharpei and overseen by controversial doctor Hayden Beleauxs. It promises humankind the hope of the ages: eternal life. Sure makes marriage a scary proposition though, doesn't it?

Cross Reference: End Game

Note: there is no "End Game" file.



  • There is also a bowl of free bird seed, conveniently placed under a heavy boulder. This is a reference to the Roadrunner cartoon series.
  • The Information Superhighway Office is a spoof of Windows 3.1. However, the trash can is more of a reference to Mac O/S.
  • Sis Inny is a pun for system.ini, a file that controlled much of the Windows operating system.
  • The reason Roger cannot make a running jump over the gap in the bridge is because "he can't switch to Sprint", a reference to a phone company and former corporate sponsor for Space Quest 5.

Plot InconsistencyEdit

Normally, it is impossible to take physical objects into cyberspace and cyber objects out of it. However, Roger can bring the plank out of cyberspace somehow. The reason for this is that the plank is used for a puzzle that makes returning to the beginning of cyberspace quicker. However, because Roger can simply walk back the way he came, the plank is not necessary to complete the game, thereby allowing him to keep the plank when he exits cyberspace.

It is described that Roger can't run in this game, yet he does so later when inside Stellar.

trivia Edit

In the Strong Bad Email technology, Strong Bad "saves his screen" by using the file "screensavior.exe", a reference to the program from the Information Superhighway Office.

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