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Cornucopia Agricorp and her clones are famous sanitation engineers and spokeswomen.

Background Edit

She is apparently the daughter of the Emperor of Centauri, and is the Imperial Heiress, leader of her people.

Roger Wilco once spent a startling quarter hour with her and her clones in a broom closet while they were attending sanitation engineering preschool. Roger Wilco continued to have a crush on her and had fantasies (or visions) of saving her from alien menaces such as the Calamarioids and Fungoids. The leader of the Latex Babes, Zhondra Wysiwyg, admits she may be one of Cornucopia's more beautiful clones.

She wields the legendary VibroSword, Ginsu.

Personality and traitsEdit

She varies between blonde and brunette, and is said to having pale blue eyes.


Behind the scenesEdit

It is unclear how much of Cornucopia's past is real, and how much are embellishments by Roger Wilco. Some of the day dreams may even be mixed in with information from future adventures Roger had.

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