The Control Panel is a special menu that is used in several Sierra games, particularly once they went from parser to point-and-click. Bringing up the Control Panel pauses the game and allows you to adjust various options for the game, as well as is the place to go for saving and restoring games. You can also see your current score in the game in this window.

Menus in SQ1EGA, SQ2, and SQ3Edit

The Control Panel doesn't exist in SQ1EGA, SQ2, or SQ3. Instead, you can push the ESC key at any time to bring up menus that gives you similar options, such as the ability to enable/disable sound or check your inventory.

Sliders and Buttons in SQ1VGA, SQ4, and SQ5Edit

For SQ1VGA, SQ4, and SQ5, the control panel is pretty consistant, and includes the following options.

Detail Slider: Raises and lowers the level of graphic detail.

Volume Slider: Adjusts the sound's volume.

Speed Slider: Adjusts the speed of the game's animations.

Save: Saves your current game.

Restore: Restores a previously saved game.

Restart: Restarts the game. (Confirmation required)

Quit: Exits the game. (Confirmation required)

Sierra Symbol: Information about the game.

?: This icon tells you about other icons.

Text: This toggles between spoken messages and printed messages. (SQ4 CD-ROM Version Only)

Play: Exits this menu.

Sliders and Buttons in SQ6 Edit

For SQ6, the control panel is redesigned, and more options are available.

Speed: This slider allows you to control the speed of the game.

Detail: This control adjusts the amount of onscreen animation. If the game is running very slow on your machine, try adjusting this.

Sound: This button gives you control of the volume of the sound effects.

Music: This changes the music volume.

Text: This button allows you to adjust the speed at which the text messages are displayed.

Save: Press this button to save your current place in the adventure.

Load: Push here to load a previously saved game.

About: This button lists the various life forms that helped to create Space Quest Six.

Help: This button allows you to find out what these controls do.

Speech: This button instantly cues the staff of Hollywood actors we have standing by to start acting the game out loud. Press it again, and they'll take five.

Text: Press this button when you want to see text messages. Press it again when you don't.

Scroll: This button allows you to turn screen scrolling on and off.

Quit: Pushing this button exits the game.

Play: Push this button when you're done with whatever was so important that you had to pause.

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