Gender: Male
Species: Scottyoid
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StarCon chief enineering officer

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Clifton Clifford Cliff Crawford, known as "Cliffy" (because of his hobby of attempting to climb nearly vertical mountains) is a Scottyoid, and could pass as a human on a million worlds if it was not for his unfortunate accent.[1] He is the former chief (and only) engineering officer of the SCS Eureka, serving under Roger Wilco.


More at home with machines than people, Cliffy spends most of his time puttering about the nooks and crannies of the engineering section. He's the kind of guy who can fix a warp motivator with bailing wire and chewing gum, and still make it exceed rated output by 20%. Cliffy is extremely loyal to those few people he considers friends, but those who don't know him often find Cliffy bad-tempered and querelous.[2] Indeed in one stop at the SpaceBar, he had a slight misunderstanding with a crew member of the Intrepid.

When Roger Wilco became the Captain of the Eureka, he came down to Kiz Urazgubi VII hoping to collect Roger's remains, but anyway he found that Roger had just destroyed WD40 and they gathered her remains to repair.

After their mission, they stopped to the SpaceBar where he had another quarrel with a crew member of the SCS Goliath. Captain Raemes Tipper Quirk was also there and ordered the StarCon Security Police to put him in the brig.

After the destruction of the Eureka, he transferred to the SCS Goliath for a short time during the Pukoid incident.

He is rather out of shape, and refuses to wear a standard StarCon Uniform, yet he is extremely loyal to his friends and his ship. He is well-organized and creative in the way he solves problems. He has experience in cybernetics and robotics, as demonstrated by his successful reconstruction of WD40 as a peaceful member of Roger's crew.

Cliffy was involved in an incident in the Space Bar, in which the Eureka was referred to as a garbage scow, and a fight broke out. Somehow during this event, space monkeys were released. The authorities are still investigating.


  • I'm an engineer, not a doctor!

Behind the scenesEdit

The names "Clifford" and "Crawford" appears at least once in the game's text, My friends call me Cliffy, but you can call me Clifford.", "...Engineering Chief Crawford...".

He was age 51 during SQ5.[3]

After his only official appearance in Space Quest 5, Cliffy has appeared in a storyarc at the WSSQUID comics, in strips #173-179.

Cliffy is based on the Star Trek character Montgomery "Scotty" Scott.


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