Gender: Male/Female
Species: Zitoid
Profession and/or purpose:

Fast Food Clerk Assistant Manager

Games seen or mentioned in:


Locations seen or mentioned in:

Monolith Burger

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Backstory Edit

Brfngnlx Ykzyxzk is the manager of Monolith Burger. [1]. Brfngnlx has been named Employee of the Week on numerous occasions. Brfngnlx species, possess enormous powers of persuasion so that sometimes you just can't say "No" to them. Quite literally. This perhaps has something to do with why Brfngnlx is employee of the Week so frequently.

Game Involvement Edit

While visiting Monolith Burger in Space Quest 3, Roger purchased a fun meal from Brfngnlx. Strangely enough, Roger did want Space Spuds and a Blaatfruit Pie with his meal... though he did get a free drink, too. The fun meal Roger bought had hidden within it a nifty decoder ring that he later used to decipher a message from the Two Guys From Andromeda.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In the files this character is listed as "clerk" in the script files.
  • In Space Quest III, the Pushy Counter Clerk is said to be a male and said to be offended if you think he is female. The game describes him as Mr. Employee of the Week.
  • This character was given the official name Brfngnlx Ykzyzkk in the The Space Quest Companion and she is decribed as female. Note: That the Space Quest Companion is written under the conceit that the book is the real adventures and the video games are video games based off of his actual journals (although he admits his various experiences with time travel could be affecting the universe around him altering things).
  • In the Official Guide to Roger Wilco's Space Adventures, no name is given for the clerk, but she is described as being female, next to a picture of "her" from the game.
  • The game states that "he" would be offended anyone would think he's female. Any idiot should be able to tell the difference. The fact that Roger thinks "she" is female in the guides maybe a nod to him being an even greater idiot.
  • It is possible that Brfngnlx could be the clerk's boss, making them seperate characters. However he doesn't appear and Roger buys the food from Brfngnlx instead.
  • The character appears to have a name tag, with what appears to be three words listed although these cannot be made out, and the narrator won't acknowledge it for you based on length of the words, it could be something like "I am ____".
  • Ueffo Beeblenarf is a name given by some fans.


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