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Boom is available for 60 buckazoids from Software Excess.

Back of Box[]

The latest bomb from master storyteller Morrie Brianarty, BOOM is a post-holocaust adventure set in post-holocaust America after the holocaust. Neutron bombs have eradicated all life, leaving only YOU to wander through the wreckage. No other characters, no conflict, no puzzles, no chance of dying, and no interface make this the easiest-to-finish game yet! Just boot it up and watch it explode!

Behind the scenes[]

This is a spoof of LOOM, created in part by Brian Moriarty. The game was criticized for being "too easy" due to the ability to solve puzzles simply by clicking the distaff on everything. The game can be completed in about 80 minutes.

The boxart looks like a modified artwork from Loom game without the island, and instead of the glowy cats cradle strings, an explosion  blasting away fingers. The hands look almost exactly the same as on the Loom box otherwise. Other differences include lack of swans across the title and lack of island in the sea.

The description more resembles Trinity (another Brian Moriarty game). The explosion on the box art resembles the mushroom cloud on Trinity's box art.