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StarCon Ambassador (G6 Quadrant)

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Beatrice Creakworm Wankmeister (Bea for short) was G6 Quadrant's Ambassador to the Star Confederacy, and a Princess (though by protocol prefers to be referred to as Ambassador)[1]. She was the future wife of Roger Wilco and mother of Roger Wilco, Jr.


Striking looks, a keen intellect, and a strong personality combined to make Beatrice Wankemeister one of the most effective negotiators in the history of the G6 Quadrants diplomatic corps. An outspoken advocate for sentient species' rights and environmental issues, Beatrice's vigorous activities in these areas had lead to several legislative measures and two stellar protocols, including one on hazardous waste disposal. Beatrice's natural inclination to speak her mind had been tempered but not eliminated, by her years of service to the diplomatic corps. She had gone after intersteller consortiums with dogged tenacity that, at times, bordered on the obsessive. She remained single, having little time or interest for anything but her work.[2]

Soon she had become the Ambassador to the Star Confederation for the G6 Quadrant. She was so concerned with the biological ramifications of the Sludge Bandits that she transmitted the locations where they dumped their waste around the relatively uninhabited G6 quadrant. She also requested the deployment of shome ships from the StarCon Academy but she was met with scepticism. Captain Raemes T. Quirk however insisted that she'd accompany him aboard the SCS Goliath as it patrolled the alleged dump sites.

During a shuttle recovery, the crew of the Goliath was attacked by mutated survivors from the colony of Klorox II, and only Wankmeister escaped unharmed in an escape pod that landed on the nearby planet of Thrakus. The crew of the SCS Eureka followed her pod beacon and she was rescued from the mutated crew of the Goliath, but was hit with some Primordial Soup. Aboard the SCS Eureka, Wankmeister reveals to Captain Roger Wilco that she took the Goliath's warp distributor cap, thus hindering their plans to attack StarCon. Roger Wilco placed Wankmeister in the CryoSleep for suspended animation to slow the progress of her Pre Monster Syndrome caused by the insidious Primordial Soup. This gave the crew time to travel to the source of the Primordial Soup, Genetix, where she was successfully cured and placed back into the cryogenic chamber to rest. The heroic actions of Roger Wilco at last endeared him to Wankmeister, and the future laid out for Roger in Space Quest 4 finally seemed possible.

In a future era, she would later bear Roger Wilco a son, Roger Jr., who would grow up to be a great rebel leader of the Time Ripper resistance movement. She would sadly not see her son's success as she along with future Roger apparently died (or disappeared) under mysterious and unknown (at least from SQ4 era Roger Wilco's point of view) circumstances sometime before the era of Space Quest 12.[3]

Personality and traits[]

Titles and nicknames[]

  • Bea
  • Ms. Wankmeister
  • Ambassador Wankmeister

Behind The Scenes[]

Beatrice is the only character in the Space Quest Series besides Roger that can be killed in a way that results in a game over for the player. The reason for this is because of the paradoxical implications of Space Quest 4. If Beatrice dies during the course of Space Quest 5, Roger Wilco Jr. will never be born. If Roger Wilco Jr. is never born, then he won't be able to travel back in time to save Roger Wilco from the Sequel Police on Magmetheus in Space Quest 4. Therefore, Roger Wilco will have been killed by Sequel Police then and will cease to exist in Space Quest 5. So that rather morbid future hinted in SQ4 is not an alternate future, but the future that Roger Wilco is moving towards, if he likes it or not. There maybe slight alternate versions of that dark future (see Parallel universe) but that dark universe will happen, and there is no way to stop it (much like Judgement Day in Terminator).

In a 2020 Twitter thread about jokes in the Space Quest series which haven't aged well, Scott Murphy said "the name Beatrice Wankmeister should never have shipped. I don't know what I was thinking!"[4]

Her name seems more appropriate for a Leisure Suit Larry game.



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  3. Note: The nature of SQ4's time travel as discussed in SQ4 and in a death scene in SQ5 is that this future must occur, Roger enters into it after the negative stuff already happened. Roger Jr. is clear that these events have to happen, or he won't exist, and that no one will be there to save Roger Wilco, or to end Vohaul once and for all. In SQ5 if Beatrice dies, it points out that would create a major paradox in which Roger Jr, will never be born, and thus lead to Roger WIlcoo's own desctruction at the hands of the Sequel Police. So from this we know that this future is set in stone canonically, Unless there is a major retcon in canon, Roger and Beatrice are heading headfirst towards whatever the mystery of their disappearance happens to be.