Arnoid the Annihilator

Model: Arnoid Droid
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Bounty Hunter

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Invisibility Belt



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Backstory Edit

The "Arnoid the Annihilator" line of terminator droid was once a top-of-the-line specimen of Droids employed by the Gippazoid Novelty Company and Patrician Broadcasting to enforce payment of overdue bills and pledges. The Arnoid model is equipped with an invisibility belt for superior tracking and apprehension of its prey: generally, debtors. The Arnoid series are highly efficient hunters, and are rumored to even taunt and play with their bounties.

Game Involvement Edit

While visiting Phleebhut in Space Quest 3 Roger found himself confronted by an Arnoid droid in the employ of the Gippazoid Novelty Company. The droid had been sent to collect payment on vending machine fraud (destruction of a slot machine back on Kerona), and to a shipping bill for a "free" Labion Terror Beast Mating Whistle. Through clever actions, or perhaps dumb luck, Roger was able to overcome the Arnoid droid and obtain the invisibility belt from Arnoid's remains. Roger claims to have destroyed it by leading it under an overhang containing Phleebhut Podsnatchers.[1][2] An alternate theory suggests that Roger hit it with a pulley and knocked it into some gears, where it was grinded.

The Gippazoid Novelty Company was not pleased with this and sent WD40, a female variant of this robot (complete with the same hairstyle) to track Wilco down in Space Quest 5.


Arnoid Droidworks created the bounty-hunting droid and possibly the models that followed. Its design makes the droid resemble an extremely well built man with a buzzcut to top off its head, and eyes in the shape of dark glasses. The feature is not by accident, as the machine was capable of lifting a full grown man with only one arm, and twisting human beings into knots. Its outer shell is a metallic substance that gives him a greenish-blue complexion. It's mouth is its most excellent feature, as it appears rubbery and capable of mimicking speech. The Arnoid was capable of independant motion and could walk just as easily (and quickly) as a human could. Along with piloting and tracking capabilites, the Arnoid is every practical meaning of the words "killing machine." Too bad it wasn't the words, "Fool-proof and incapable of error."

The Arnoid that Roger encountered wasn't armed with any type of weaponry. It's designers probably wanted the bounties to experience a harsh and painful death, so its only means of killing was with its hands. It's only usage of weaponry was a red invisibility belt with limited power. It could turn a human being transparent for a short amount of time. It's only design flaw was that it left footprints in porous terrain. (i.e. The sands of Phleebhut.)

Behind the scenesEdit

The Arnoid Annihilator droid is a spoof on Arnold Schwarzenegger and his famous role as the Terminator in the 1984 science fiction movie, "The Terminator".

The Terminator robot was built out of titanium-tungsten (Ti-W) steel. This made it easily "crushable" under heavy duress, as it was in the movie. The Arnoid can be crushed inbetween the gears that made the towering Gog beasts arms and mouth move (less points) or crushed by the Phleebhut Podsnatchers (most points).

Dialogue Edit

  • Sooo... this is Roger Wilco, the man I have been sent across the universe to track down and terminate. I am not impressed. You were too easy to find. You tend to leave a mess wherever you go.
  • Seems you forgot to pay for that Labionian Terror Beast mating call whistle. Now let's see ... with interest that comes to 400,000 buckazoids. I don't think you've got that kind of cash on you Hmm? No... I didn't think so.
  • The good people at the Gippazoid Novelty Co. are most displeased. Nonpayment is a serious offense.
  • But lucky for you I'm in a good mood today. I will count to ten real slow then I track you down. If you make it to your ship I forget I see you. But if I catch you again..... I dust you like bundt cake. 
  • I see you, Wilco!

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