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The Aluminum Mallard was Roger Wilco's personal ship used during Space Quest III and to the beginning of SQ4.


The Aluminum Mallard was found in an unusable state by Roger Wilco on a garbage freighter in Space Quest 3. Roger managed to find a warp motivator for it, and replace its auxiliary reactor with one found in the rat's lair, but the ship uses wiring of uncertain quality.

The Aluminum Mallard, as seen in the beginning of Space Quest 3.
The Aluminum Mallard, as seen in the beginning of Space Quest 3.

It was captured by the Pirates of Pestulon but retrieved to again serve Roger in his transport of the Two Guys From Andromeda to Earth and his consequent journeys. It has since been seen outside the bar where Roger was captured by the Sequel Police in Space Quest 4.

On his return to Magmetheus he learned that the Mallard had been towed away for overtime parking and impounded as payment to cover his yearly pledge renewal to Patrician Broadcasting.[1] Roger was stranded on the planet with only just enough buckazoids to buy passage back to Xenon, where he joined the StarCon Academy.

Technical Details[]

The Interior of the Aluminum Mallard, as seen in SQ3.

When landed, the ship can be accessed from the rear ramp, however a hatch is also provided on the roof in case you like playing with heights. Of course, the hatch is mainly used for docking with space stations such as Monolith Burger. The interior of the Aluminum Mallard is equipped with one pilots seat and two passenger seats. The systems of the Mallard are powered by an auxiliary reactor, which can be accessed via a panel behind the passenger seats. Opposite the passenger seats is a computer display, used for viewing the ships blueprints and diagnostic systems. To the rear of the craft is a panel with a red button marked 'Open/Close' which, strangely enough, opens and closes the rear ramp.

Light speed is powered by the warp motivator, which is accessed via a panel on the roof of the ship, and cannot be accessed from the interior. All ships systems are controlled via the computer screen in the cockpit. The main menu of the computer provides options for engines, navigation system, take off, cruise, light speed, attack speed, radar, weapons systems. The navigation system is used for scanning the sector for planets and stations, and the computer also plays a delightfully annoying little tune for you while scanning... over and over and over again! The ship has three standard speeds: cruise (painfully slow), attack speed (fast enough to shoot and dodge things, but unfortunately slow enough to get shot at!) and light speed. Flying with the radar deactivated is not recommended, and once you have turned the radar on, you cannot turn it off while in flight. The ship is equipped with limited front and rear shields (which are useful for deflecting enemy blasts and other random objects), as well as frontal phasers, however these weapons systems cannot be used while landed, and only one of the shields can be used at any one time.


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Behind the scenes[]

The name of the ship comes from the Millennium Falcon, Han Solo's ship from the Star Wars films.

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Aluminum Mallard (unofficial)[]

Aluminum Mallard appears in fan games, see Aluminum Mallard (unofficial).


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