ATM card

Identification card used with Autobucks Teller Machines. Roger Wilco found this in SQ10 and cleaned out the account. Later seen on the table in Roger's Quarters.

Plot Inconsistency[edit | edit source]

The Autobucks ATM-card was found in the future of Space Quest 10 in the Galaxy Galleria, where it is fully functional. However, in the present of Space Quest 6, the card is expired.

On the other hand, considering the quirky nature of the time in Space Quest, it's not entirely impossible that expiration date might be calculated backwards ;). Alternately, it could be a concept similar to the Y2K bug on Earth, where due to improper data storage, a card with an expiry year of '01' might have been misinterpreted as 1901 and considered expired in 1998 or so. And it's likely that the cards were not designed to work properly in the past where the account hasn't probably even been opened yet ;) Alternatively, considering that time travel could be relatively common-place by the time of SQ10, could be that the card has an internal clock which is unaffected by time travel.

On the other hand if the timeline is accurate, Space Quest X era might actually be chronologically before Space Quest 5. Space Quest X is implied to take place in the 24th century (2301 to 2400), while Space Quest 5 takes place in 3010 (the 31st century), to make things more confusing Space Quest 1 VGA is clearly after the 24th century. If Space Quest X is before Space Quest 6, the card would clearly have already expired by at least several centuries.

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